Logo Vudubrigada


Vudu Brigada was born at the intersection of fine modern art and luxury fashion. Its
founders – rooted in expressionism and esoterica – gave birth to a new type of NFT: the
Vudu NFT. White Magic is the originating collection, reflecting on the lighter elements
of human experience on a double sided coin.
One sees bongs, ponchos, guitars, and fruits as NFT traits. The White Vuduz themselves
are creatures of the night, seen in the lightness of day. They reflect the pleasant,
convivial, and heartening emotions of human experience. They are playful, celebrating
the experience of life for one more day. Their physical appearance is retro, gamer,
vixen, and vagabond. White Magic celebrates the yin before the yang; the light before
the darkness. The beauty of joy and love.