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Pioneering Web3 high fashion on the Cardano blockchain.

Vudu Brigada is the first fashion non fungible token (NFT) brand to create a niche of its own. Celebrating the ethos of dualism in human experience, Vudu Brigada features esoteric meaning behind its designs. Human life is, according to Vudu Brigada, the harmony of yin and yang; of enlightenment and purgatory.

Vudu Brigada was born at the intersection of fine modern art and luxury fashion in NFT form. Founders Ruggero Lupo Mengoni and Yasmine Saliba channeled their rich background in the arts and gave birth to fashion on the blockchain.

Vudu Brigada dollz are masterfully conceived as both collectible works of art and fashion statements.

Next Up – Vudu Brigada in the Metaverse. 

genesis by vudukammer

Genesis by VuduKammer is the debut collection of fully customized 3D NFTs. Each minted NFT is accompanied by a 3D rigged avatar equipped to navigate compatible digital environments.


How to Mint



November 2022

White MAgic Collection

November 2021

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Black MAgic Collection

April 2022

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June 2022

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October 2022

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Roadmap: Overview

Hodler Utility:

1. Exclusive Hodler Access to All Main Collections
Description: Presale access will be granted to hodlers owning a certain number of Vudu tokens. Public mint access will be granted to holders owning at least 1 Vudu token. Access is limited to collections only, collaborations or airdrops may or may not be included in limited access.

2. Ambassador Ownership Discord Roles
Description: Custom Vudu CNFT token and matching physical Vudu doll to top community ambassador/ contributor.

3. Vote for Physical Vudu Dollz
Description: Community votes for select Vudu dolls to be produced and sold on our website.

4. Discord Engagement Rewards, including Custom NFT’s
Description: Based on a total number of Vudu CNFT tokens owned. These roles may carry voting privileges, presale access, and/or dedicated 1:1 time with Yasmine, Ruggero and/or Nighthawke specific to any CNFT discussions.

5. Community Designed Physical White Magic Vudu Dollz for Auction (Additional Hodler Benefits Attached)

6. Whitelist Access to Select CNFT Projects

7. Pilot Access to Vuduverse (Timeline Pending)
Description: Access to Vuduverse is limited to hodlers, only. Access may be limited to S1, or all minted collections. Access to certain rooms /perks / prizes may be exclusive to hodlers with certain roles and token quantity ownership. Example prizes include custom Vudu dolls, Physical Vudu dolls, and design lessons with Ruggero.


The “Oops Wrong Address” Doll

After the unfortunate mishap during our presale, whoever was on the Our Dollz WL received this airdrop as an apology. Royalties were implemented, 5% of every sale will be going to Gabe, our awesome Mod who gave us the idea of the slogan for this airdrop and 5% to Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, our 3D artist. We think it’s important to credit people for their ideas, involve and collaborate with our community so we can all grow together!

The “Naughty and Nice” Holiday Airdrops

For the Holiday season we designed 2 special airdrops, and holders had to have a minimum of 5 Vuduz (White Magic) to receive one. Between 5 and 14 Vuduz, the reward is the NICE Vudu airdrop, and between 15 and 24 Vuduz the reward is the NAUGHTY Vudu airdrop. There were three versions created, similar but each with its own characteristics.

The “NYE 2022” Airdrop

As for the NYE 2022 airdrop, it was a gif animation that was given to those who have been hodling a minimum of 25 Vuduz, sent during the New Year’s period, to celebrate 2022 all together!  

Policy IDs

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Please validate that the assets you are buying are genuine Vudu Brigada and not a copy.

Vudu Brigada collections Policy IDs:


White Magic – 7fdd25a4d6d8d8801034dbe4940248f802f6fb98dea4303f1c51ded0

Black Magic – 801e5c53f3e7190dd5b97e6eb91db0fbeb895b041b0627b27954e7b2

Genesis – 4e0882f1514daeb01484209b78eeecc992b69b611550b36e580714d5



Wrong Address –   8b515fda2e3a216fa66819feb19b62b97a10fbf0e6d99aa92c432113

Naughty or Nice – 4d373cc6923867f505173135525212d2f7ea09e3f89b44340d6807eb

NYE 2022 – 282bb5c486ddb2e6ae8a847b9022b892a9bd9ae7ea9d9c2c1fcf9495


Project founder and artist
Project advisor
Community manager




Check the interview by CNFT World with Vudu Brigada at the link below !