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Pioneering Web3 high fashion on the Cardano blockchain, Vudu Brigada is the first fashion NFT brand to create a niche of its own. Celebrating the ethos of dualism in human experience, Vudu Brigada features esoteric meaning behind its designs. Human life is, according to Vudu Brigada, the harmony of yin and yang. 

Of enlightenment and purgatory.
Vudu Brigada was born at the intersection of fine modern art and luxury fashion. Its founders – rooted in expressionism and esoterica – gave birth to a new type of NFT: the Vudu NFT.

Vudu Brigada dollz are artistically created in 3D, and represented in NFT images and animations, ready to come to life as an avatar on the Metaverse in Web3.

Vudu Brigada is about playing with the archetypes of our egos, to overcome them and generate positivity.


Brigada from Vudu Brigada is the first digital magazine of its kind, featuring the best and brightest creators pioneering Web3 art, fashion, and entertainment.


VuduKammer is an NFT customisation platform, featuring seasonal collections traditional to a luxury fashion house, mintable on blockchain.

Each season is a thematic expression of the very ethos of Vudu Brigada – peeling the layers of self expression and human experience into collectible NFTs, and eventually, metaverse avatars. 

VuduKammer enables any White Magic holder the opportunity to further customize a newly birthed, naked, Vudu doll and make it his own. The holder is now a designer, expressing her aesthetic choices in an accessible and innovative way, reflecting the latest blockchain advancements.



ruggero lupo

founder and artist


Community manager



Polarys collective