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We are Vudu Brigada! A collection of collectible Vudu Dollz living on the Cardano blockchain. We are handmade 3d digital Dollz, created with a lot of love and attention to detail! Each one of us is one of a kind.

Vudu Brigada presents its second season of the Magic series. Black Magic encompasses the evolution of White Magic, playing with different archetypes of the human ego.

For our Second collection, 300 Vuduz have been minted, where 30 of them are animated. We created the first NFT Fashion Show to inaugurate and showcase the Black Magic era!
Click here to watch the show!

About us

Vudu Brigada is an amalgam of fashion and art, with attention to detail and storytelling, brought to life through 3D modeling. 

“We used to work in the fashion industry‭, ‬and we were shook by the potential and positivity of the Cardano blockchain‭, ‬and‭ ‬had to be part of this new way of viewing art‭, ‬decentralized currencies and interactions with the humans of the world‭. ‬Cardano‭ ‬is one step closer to a healthier future we aspire to live in‭.‬”‭ ‬

Vudu Brigada is about playing with the archetypes of our egos, ‬to overcome them and generate positivity‭. ‬We wanted our NFT collectibles to somehow canalize our energy towards something positive and fun‭, ‬kinda grotesque and playful‭!‬

White MAgic Collection

The first season of Vudu Brigada, was a 10K collection depicting Vudu dollz that symbolize white magic, used to harness positive energy and change your lives.

 All digitally handmade, their quirky and colorful aspect, with a wide range of fun traits, generated a beautiful community of Vududes and Vudettes, contributing to the Vudu Brigada ecosystem. 

Each gadget can be interpreted as a symbol for positive change, ex; the chains are healthy limitations that we should abide by, or, the banana suggests a healthier lifestyle, the hammer a tool for constructing the future.. etc! They represent human behaviors and naive archetypes, with bright eyecatching details. 

Roadmap: Overview

Hodler Utility:

1. Exclusive Hodler Access to All Main Collections
Description: Presale access will be granted to hodlers owning a certain number of Vudu tokens. Public mint access will be granted to holders owning at least 1 Vudu token. Access is limited to collections only, collaborations or airdrops may or may not be included in limited access.

2. Ambassador Ownership Discord Roles
Description: Custom Vudu CNFT token and matching physical Vudu doll to top community ambassador/ contributor.

3. Vote for Physical Vudu Dollz
Description: Community votes for select Vudu dolls to be produced and sold on our website.

4. Discord Engagement Rewards, including Custom NFT’s
Description: Based on a total number of Vudu CNFT tokens owned. These roles may carry voting privileges, presale access, and/or dedicated 1:1 time with Yasmine, Ruggero and/or Nighthawke specific to any CNFT discussions.

5. Community Designed Physical White Magic Vudu Dollz for Auction (Additional Hodler Benefits Attached)

6. Whitelist Access to Select CNFT Projects

7. Pilot Access to Vuduverse (Timeline Pending)
Description: Access to Vuduverse is limited to hodlers, only. Access may be limited to S1, or all minted collections. Access to certain rooms /perks / prizes may be exclusive to hodlers with certain roles and token quantity ownership. Example prizes include custom Vudu dolls, Physical Vudu dolls, and design lessons with Ruggero.


The “Oops Wrong Address” Doll

After the unfortunate mishap during our presale, whoever was on the Our Dollz WL received this airdrop as an apology. Royalties were implemented, 5% of every sale will be going to Gabe, our awesome Mod who gave us the idea of the slogan for this airdrop and 5% to Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, our 3D artist. We think it’s important to credit people for their ideas, involve and collaborate with our community so we can all grow together!

The “Naughty and Nice” Holiday Airdrops

For the Holiday season we designed 2 special airdrops, and holders had to have a minimum of 5 Vuduz (White Magic) to receive one. Between 5 and 14 Vuduz, the reward is the NICE Vudu airdrop, and between 15 and 24 Vuduz the reward is the NAUGHTY Vudu airdrop. There were three versions created, similar but each with its own characteristics.

The “NYE 2022” Airdrop

As for the NYE 2022 airdrop, it was a gif animation that was given to those who have been hodling a minimum of 25 Vuduz, sent during the New Year’s period, to celebrate 2022 all together!  

Policy IDs

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Please validate that the assets you are buying are genuine Vudu Brigada and not a copy.

Vudu Brigada Policy IDs:






Vudu Daddy

Project founder and artist


Project advisor


Community manager


Check the interview by CNFT World with Vudu Brigada at the link below !