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How can I buy or sell a Vudu Brigada?

Vudu Brigada CNFT’s will be sold via our discord page, on the day of the launch you will be able to see it from our announcements channel. You will have to copy paste the receiving address, and send the exact amount of Ada. Please do not send the ADA directly from an exchange, as your CNFT will be lost, send it from a Cardano compatible wallet like Yoroi, Ada-lite, Nami etc. When purchasing a Vudu Brigada, a fresh random doll  will be minted as an NFT on the Cardano blockchain and sent to your wallet. Repeat the process to buy multiple dollz.

You can later buy or sell your Vudubrigada on CNFT.io or Jpg.store. Please do not buy any Dollz on Opensea or any other non-Cardano platform.

How much does a Vudu Brigada Cost?

Vudu Brigada can only be purchased with ADA.

Each Vudu Brigada White Magic doll was sold for 44 DA.

How can I see my Vudu Brigada?

The best tool for viewing your NFT collection is pool.pm – you can hit the search button and enter one of your wallet addresses to see what’s in your wallet.

How many Vudu Brigada are there?

There are 10.000 unique Vudu Brigada for Season 1 (White Magic). 

How is Vudu Brigada contributing to the world?

With the launch of Season 1 in October 2021, we delegated 15% of our profit to the Cardano mission-based stake pool “Here to stay” to help fight climate change. Each epoch that STAY pool mint, they donate 10% of fixed and variable fees to an environmental fund. Find out more about the stake pool here.

Vudu Brigada is dedicated to staking ADA with mission-based single pools to ensure decentralization. 

How rare is my Vudu Brigada?

The beauty and value are in the eye of the beholder, however, each Vudu Brigada has been assigned a unique rarity score based on the rarity of these 8 categories:

  • Background 
  • Body
  • Mouth
  • Eyes/Glasses
  • Outfit 
  • Hair/Hat
  • Accessories
  • Extra Accessories

The Rarity chart was disclosed after all the Vudu Brigada White Magic dollz were sold. 

What can I do with my Vudu Brigada?

Each Vudu Brigada is completely unique, each one will be unique. You can buy, sell or trade them. Since they are unique and limited in quantity, you can also HODL them. We will update our roadmap when we develop the next stages! Since our Vudu dollz are made in 3D, and can be easily animated, we have infinite possibilities of developments. Feel free to give us your suggestions in the “suggestions ” channel on our Discord server! 

How do I know I have an official Vudu Brigada?

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Our Policy IDs are:

  • Vudu Brigada White Magic ID: 7fdd25a4d6d8d8801034dbe4940248f802f6fb98dea4303f1c51ded0
  • Vudu Brigada Oops Wrong Address ID: 8b515fda2e3a216fa66819feb19b62b97a10fbf0e6d99aa92c432113
  • Vudu Brigada Holiday Airdrop ID: 4d373cc6923867f505173135525212d2f7ea09e3f89b44340d6807eb
  • Vudu Brigada NYE2022 ID: 282bb5c486ddb2e6ae8a847b9022b892a9bd9ae7ea9d9c2c1fcf9495